Water Park Business Plan

A water park business plan describes a unique venture—but that doesn't mean it will be free from competition. Whether you're in a hot weather state like Texas or Florida or a cold spot like Alaska (yes, they have indoor water parks!), you're likely to find this to be a viable business model. But there are challenges right out of the gate. For one thing, you're vying for the same consumer dollar as other sorts of entertainment—everything from air-conditioned movie theaters and arcades to theme parks and sports complexes. What is the average spending, per consumer, on this sort of activity? It is a good idea to determine what share you're really asking for. For the competitive analysis, see if you can learn:

• The nearest direct competitor to your intended location
• The strengths and weaknesses of this establishment
• The closest indirect competition you will face
• The sort of SWOT analysis an investor would expect for your venture
• The staff levels of competing attractions like this

A personnel plan will be just one part of the pro forma financial model for a water park business plan, but it's an important one. Will the staffing levels peak at a certain point during the day or week? Are all employees paid on salary, hourly, or as 1099 contractors? Knowing how to account for the personnel burden before you begin modeling the entire financial forecast is important. You should also show an assumptions-based sales forecast, an analysis of the break-even point, a profit and loss and cash flow table, and a running balance sheet that financial backers can use to check your numbers month by month for the first year. MasterPlans can write the water park business plan for your team in just 5-7 days. We have made 11,000+ custom plans already and we're here to help! (877) 453-2011.

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