Television Station Business Plans

A television station business plan needs to outline what the station's identification symbol is, what affiliations it has with a major network (if any), and how long it has been operating. If you plan to take control of a station that is currently struggling, you need to have a plan for turning it around. Describe the station and its programming as it is currently constituted, then look at what you can do to improve the viewership, the operation of the location, or its ability to access quality programming. As you probably know, with small market stations, network affiliations can be critical to success. Answer these prompts about that:

• What affiliation currently exists, if any?
• If you have no major network affiliate, what is your target station?
• How do you intend to connect with decision-makers at this network?
• Are there other stations in town that do have affiliations?
• Have you canvassed the market to know what shows people want to watch most?

The television station business plan's financial model is going to require some assumptions that have verifiable sources. You will need to estimate the revenue from advertising as well as pinpoint any other income streams that the station can command. What is reasonable for your market? How have competing or previous stations performed, and if you expect to do better, what is that? The pro forma for an angel investor will need to show 5 years of projections and a clear-cut ROI or upfront ownership percentage. has worked on the business plans for TV stations large and small. Call us to hear about our experience and how we can assist you as well: (877) 453-2011.

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