Subway Restaurant Business Plan

A Subway restaurant business plan is a required component of the application package that the Subway corporate office will demand of you. Banks authorized to issue SBA-backed loans for franchises will require that you've done all the due diligence expected of a new entrepreneur, and that includes preparing a comprehensive business plan. For a Subway franchise, the business plan needs to be in a specific format that includes some information unique to the franchise model. Showing a marketing roadmap with milestones, an analysis of competing properties in your target region, and a detailed personnel plan is critical to your success. Subway recently overtook McDonald's as the world's most prolific quick service restaurant ("QSR"), so it's a safe bet that the executives in charge of franchise development for the corporation know when there's a good opportunity. To prove you should join the fold, your plan needs:

• A thorough analysis of the population surrounding the intended location
• How many businesses and homes are there within a short walk or drive?
• What sort of build-out would be required at your intended site?
• What marketing strategies can you use, beyond relying on Subway's corporate advertising?
• How many people will be needed to work the restaurant?
• Do you have a candidate in mind for the store manager?

The Subway restaurant business plan also needs to include an exacting financial pro forma. Reviewers want to see how start-up funding will be used, your projected revenues, and the ongoing profitability across a three-year period, at minimum. Franchise-specific information from the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) should be wrapped into your model. Need assistance with this process? MasterPlans, the nation's leading business plan writing company, has worked on more Subway plans than any firm in the business. Since 2002, our team has continually developed and refined documents for presentation to Subway corporate and banks that meet the franchise's demanding standards. We can write this plan for you, quickly and to your criteria. Call for a free consultation by dialing (877) 453-2011 or visiting

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