Stone Crusher Business Plans

Stone crusher business plans should identify the target off-takers, first and foremost. There are many reasons that companies seek out crushed stone, but knowing who it is you will be supplying matters most of all. Do you plan to be a wholesaler to major construction companies? Will you join onto highway construction projects as a sub in charge of turning rip rap into aggregate? The stone crusher business model can take a couple different forms, so be sure that the business plan makes yours clear from the outset. Once you have described your business model and target buyers, look more closely at the equipment requirements:

• What is the capital equipment you will need to acquire?
• How do you make the rent vs. lease decision?
• What is the lifespan and depreciation of these assets?
• Can you provide a full breakdown for the intended use of funds?
• Where will the equipment be housed?

The stone crush business plans that seek capital from outside sources (angel investors, capital groups, etc.) will need to provide a five-year financial forecast showing anticipated revenues and accounting for all expenses. If you need a bank loan or a line of credit, the Small Business Administration only requires a three-year model and you can get by without showing any equity stake information or exit strategy. The business plan will need a competitive comparison, however, which should feature profiles of your chief competitors regionally and a brief assessment of the strengths they might have relative to your start-up. Need to talk to the professionals about how best to write this plan? MasterPlans can take over at any time. Give us a call and learn about our success stories dating back to 2002: (877) 453-2011.

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