Sample Business Plan Waterpark

Searching for a sample business plan waterpark because you'd like to get familiar with the sort of documents that get an entertainment project like this funded? You'll find there's a lot of variation in the style of presentation, but most great business plans for ventures like these will share the same content. You need market research showing that there is a need for a waterpark and that consumers spend enough on recreation outside the home to support your price points. The typical family unit's average annual spending is something that the Bureau of Labor tracks, so start by looking at those numbers and thinking about what it would cost a family to come to your waterpark as a percentage of their average annual budget. Does it seem reasonable? If so, you dive into:

• The features of your waterpark
• The different package deals or gate pricing you're planning on
• The number of people you'll have on staff
• The waivers people will need to sign to enter the facility
• The income you can derive from ancillary revenue streams

Knowing what sort of revenue you can make from concessions, an on-site restaurant, or other upsell opportunities is helpful. Retail items like goggles or flippers; rentals for kickboards or lockers; all of these things can bring in money if you price them right. Make an assumptions table for your business plan that puts down on paper some of the price points and costs you think you'll face to determine what sort of volume you'd need to run through the waterpark in order to make it work. The business plan will need a complete financial pro forma including the break-even analysis, sales forecast, and P&L for a period of at least three years (for a bank loan) to five years (for investors). Need assistance here? The business planning experts at can write the entire business plan for you in just a few business days. Call today! (877) 453-2011

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