Residential Home Builder Business Plan

The residential home builder business plan might seem like it has an uphill battle in a tough market for housing, but the opposite might be true. With the economic fluctuations leading people to debate between buying and renting, there is a real opportunity for homebuilders in cities that are not already overbuilt. As consumers decide to seek out affordable properties—more likely in the suburbs of large cities than in their downtown cores—there will be more and more homes built. The residential home builder business plan capitalizes on this trend by describing the industry as it currently exists, along with its projected growth:

• What have industry revenues been for the past three to five years?
• What is the projected growth for that same time period into the future?
• What companies have the largest market shares now?
• What are the barriers to entry/expansion?
• Can you describe your own competitive advantages?

The marketing plan that you will need in a residential home builder business plan should set down the plans you have for connecting with the consumers you'll target for home sales. What channels will be the most profitable for your home building company? How much can you budget for this? You should describe the sort of homes you build (size, materials, processes, etc.), discuss your expertise in the industry (include bios for all core members), and formulate a pro forma showing your projected net profit within 3-5 years. Investors will want a complete model with assumptions, and MasterPlans can build that for you. Call our experienced team today at 877-453-2011.

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