Poultry Farm Business Plan

A poultry farm business plan should include information about the setup for your production and processing facilities, and the equipment required to feed the animals, maintain their space, and ultimately de-feather or ship them off for processing. If your focus is more on harvesting and selling eggs, describe their quality, estimate the quantities you can get the birds to produce, and describe the process for preparing and packaging the eggs. For a meat farm, give a brief overview of how long the birds feed on site, the time to slaughter and prepare them, and the mechanism for buyers/off-takers to get the birds from your premises. Whether you follow a predominantly wholesale or a retail model, can you tell who are your main buyers are likely to be? The poultry farm should describe:

• The target market for the poultry/products
• The staff members you will need to have on-site
• The companies you will work with (suppliers, processing assistance, etc.)
• The marketing plans you'll need to put in place
• Your intended use of funds, from start-up and beyond

The financial model required for a poultry farm business plan will most likely show a five-year forecast of revenues and expenses. You will want to show the revenue forecast and projected financial highlights, a break-even analysis, the profit and loss statement, cash flow, a balance sheet, and the sensitivity analysis indicating what will happen if you miss sales benchmarks. The business plan should speak to the competing poultry farms in the same market as you and give the reader a sense of your strategic advantages. The plan also requires a management team section, personnel plan, and an exit strategy if you have one in mind. The experienced group of business plan writers, modelers, researchers, and editors at MasterPlans.com in Portland, Oregon can write the whole poultry farm plan for you—call us at 877-453-2011.

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