Mushroom Growing Business Plan

A mushroom growing business plan has a very specific target market and shouldn't need more than a quick description of the market opportunity and your intended buyers. Depending on the size of the grow operation you envision, explain whether you'll act as a wholesaler or a retailer and talk about the target buyers/selling locations (farmers markets, organic grocery stores, etc.). If you will follow an all-natural, organic planting approach, certainly you should describe the benefits and the associated risks (crop loss) and costs (bio-neutral fertilizers). What are your labor costs? The business plan for mushrooms should explain:

• How the mushroom farm will be staffed (1099'ers, part-time employees, etc.)
• What the timeline to grow a full crop will be
• The risks related to weather in your area
• The projected seasonality
• Your capital requirements and the way you'll use the money you get

A typical mushroom growing business plan will only need a short-form pro forma, which means showing the use of funds for the company and projected financial highlights followed by simple three-year tables for sales, profit and loss, the cash flow, and a balance sheet. The Small Business Administration and their lender network will also want to see the break-even point plotted out and the first year after you get funded analyzed in a month-by-month detail. Beyond this, a section in the plan describing your marketing and implementation ideas (who will you promote yourself?) and your background for the venture (what else have you done in agriculture?) should round out the plan. Need help? The business plan experts at in Portland, Oregon know a thing or two about organic produce—AND business plan writing. Call us today to hear what we can do to help: (877) 453-2011.

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