Micro Distillery Business Plan

Need a micro distillery business plan? Micro-distilleries are cropping up around the nation as America falls deeper in love with craft spirits. Operating a micro-distillery means you potentially have several revenue streams: wholesale distribution of your liquor, tours of your facility, and any samples or shots you sell for drinking on the premises. You can also host workshops or rent the space for special events. If you're writing a micro distillery business plan, here are a few things you might include:

Product details: Will you make vodka, rum, gin, tequila, or some combination? Flavored, unflavored, or both? What will your main sources of revenue be?

Market and industry: Will you sell directly to consumers through an ecommerce site, or focus on wholesales to bars, restaurants, or even casinos? How many potential clients are in your area?

Strategy: Who are your main competitors and how will your spirits be better? In other words, what are your competitive advantages?

Management: Who will help you run your micro-distillery and what relevant experience do you all have?

Financials: What will your operating expenses be? Including a profit-and-loss statement and sales forecasts for your first three to five years is wise.

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