Makeup Artist Business Plans

Reading makeup artist business plans and not sure what to include? Fear not. Maybe you've worked in a beauty salon and are ready to strike out with your own studio. Or maybe you're an established makeup artist who needs funding to increase her or his stable of talented cosmetologists. Makeup artist business plans will help you spell out exactly what you offer, why your makeup studio will be profitable, and how your requested funding breaks down among equipment and staffing costs. Makeup artist business plans should address these elements in order to convince banks you deserve that loan and know what you're doing:

Your products and services. Obviously you offer professional makeup applications, but what else? Do you offer special wedding packages? What about hairstyling? What retail beauty lines do you carry?
Your target market. Are you focused on brides-to-be, actors, models, or other performers? Are you in an entertainment hub like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or New York City, or are there major beauty pageants in your area?
Your brand and marketing strategy. Makeup artist business plans should include how the owner plans to develop the brand and key relationships. What will give your company a competitive edge, and how will you advertise your makeup artist business?
Your management. Who helps you manage your business, and what expertise do they contribute?
Your expenses. Makeup artist business plans should address the requested loan amount, any assets you're contributing, and your financial goals for the first several years.

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