Frozen Yogurt Store Business Plan

The frozen yogurt store business plan is one of the most common business documents submitted to banks for funding. If you're looking to develop a frozen yogurt store business plan to bring to the Small Business Administration or a SCORE office for review, you first need to put down on paper all of the products you'll sell. This might seem obvious, but the details are important. Do you plan to offer different types of frozen yogurt—gelato, sorbet, or traditional ice cream? What are the available toppings, what sizes will there be, and could a customer get a waffle or cake cone? A good product description will take care of all this, but make sure you're comprehensive about what the frozen yogurt store will have for sale. From there, you need to look at the market:

• Who is your target customer?
• What is the population base like around your target location?
• How many other frozen yogurt shops are there nearby?
• What are their strengths and weaknesses, can you tell?
• Is there anything impacting this industry today—like consumer health trends, commodities prices, and so forth?

The market analysis is seen by many as the most challenging portion of the business plan, as it requires that you have access to current research and the ability to make a convincing argument about the market need for a new business in the area. You should be able to use industry data, Census Bureau reporting, and publicly-available articles to make a case for your venture being successful in your city. Of course, the business plan for a frozen yogurt store also needs a three-year financial pro forma, which can be its own challenge if you're not adept with accounting principles. MasterPlans can help. Since 2002, MasterPlans has been writing custom business plans for start-up companies and existing businesses all across the world. With more than 10,000 plans to our credit to date, we can write you a great frozen yogurt store business plan in as little as 7-10 days. Visit and then call us at 877-453-2011.

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