Fresh Fruit Business Plan

A fresh fruit business plan can tap into a growing consumer demand for delicious, fresh-tasting fruits—a phenomenon which is by no means limited to certain parts of the country or even certain demographic profiles. With people seeking out healthier alternatives to high-calorie food, and an entire movement afoot to eat produce that isn't treated with pesticides or farmed unsustainably, the need for fresh fruit businesses continues to grow. To tap into this market opportunity, you need a fresh fruit business plan that outlines the market conditions as you see them, which includes reviewing the competitive comparables you're up against. Research:

• The fresh fruit businesses nearest to you
• The companies that sell to your buyers right now
• The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your own business model
• The market need locally
• The revenues and profits of the industry in your state or region

From here, the fresh fruit business plan becomes a matter of accurately plotting out the revenues—and fairly weighing the expenses—that a business like this one will face. This means preparing an assumptions table which can serve as your baseline, and determining what a reasonable break-even point and net profit percentage would be. The business plan also needs to show a marketing plan that you will follow, feature a personnel plan (provided you will have salaried staff, either in the field or in the office), and offer a complete description of the types of fruit you will plant and harvest. The team at MasterPlans can write the fresh fruit business plan better than anyone else in the industry. In business since 2002, our expert writers and researchers have the solutions you need: (877) 453-2011.

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