Film Studio Business Plan

Filmmaking and film production can range dramatically in scope and size, from major studio blockbusters to small budget indies. For those with the cash to spare, a film studio environment can provide the necessary equipment and expertise of personnel ranging from storyboard artists and production assistants to visual development artists and animators. Large motion picture companies typically own their studios, but the majority of entertainment companies pay to have access to this space by renting them out for different film projects. Because of the immense cost of owning and running a studio, any bank or investor will want to see a detailed document outlining the objectives of the company in a film studio business plan. This plan will also include:

• Financial projections for the first several years of operation
• Market research and analysis on the current state of the film industry
• Information regarding the competitive landscape
• Comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy
• Complete review of all products and services offered and how those differ from others in the market
• Management histories and professional backgrounds of all owners and key personnel

Lenders want to gain a clear understanding about the return on investment that will be achieved from the studio through film projects, which makes the experience of the team and the soundness of its operations critical in terms of credibility in the eyes of a bank, investor, the SBA, or venture capital or angel investors. The skilled writers, analysts, researchers, and editors at MasterPlans utilize a team-driven approach to assemble an investor-ready document that entrepreneurs can feel confident presenting. Each document will combine all of the essential elements required from a lender in making a decision on whether to support a venture, backed by the integrity and experience of a business that has helped thousands of clients achieve their goals of getting funded. For a custom film studio business plan drafted by true professionals, call the business planning experts at MasterPlans. 1.877.453.2011.

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