Energy Drink Business Plan

An energy drink business plan probably sounds like a great idea. Americans work long hours and are under tremendous pressure from demands on their time such as kids, relationships, education, recreation, and professional success. Who has time to sleep? Maybe that's why things like Five-Hour Energy and Red Bull are so popular. Your energy drinks might include a combination of vitamins, minerals, caffeine, taurine, sugar, antioxidants, herbal extracts, and flavoring. Popular ingredients are B and C vitamins, which can help support the brain and turn carbs into energy. Some products are just-add-water packets or tiny tubes of powder; others like Rockstar come in a flashy can and look like soda. If you're writing an energy drink business plan, here are some things to think about:

Your product: Flavors, packaging, how you will distinguish it from brands that already dominate the market

Your target market: Energy drinks are especially popular with youth, but they also appeal to working professionals and athletes

Advertising: How will you get the word out? Be careful what health claims you make...

Your management team: Spell out any relevant experience you have in the energy drink (or retail food) market

Financials: How much will your energy drink cost, and what will your profit margin be?

An energy drink business plan should also include detailed financials such as an income statement, cash flow projection, and balance sheet -- as well as an explanation of each. If you need help, MasterPlans has many energy drink business plans under our belt and we're ready to get to work on yours. With a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 10-year track record (not to mention more than 15,000 "likes" on Facebook), MasterPlans is the definitive source for professional business plans. Call now at 877-453-2011 or visit for a free quote.

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