Cattle Farm Business Plan

A cattle farm business plan should discuss the type of cattle you'll be raising, the number you expect to have on site, and the eventual value of the meat and other byproducts from the cattle. Beef production is a growth industry even in a down market, as buyers from the wholesale and retail worlds seek to put produce on the shelves and steaks on restaurant plates. Having access to some current market data will help you with your business plan, as will knowing enough detail about the operation's logistics to give a compelling explanation of the cattle farm and how it runs. The cattle farm business plan should address:

• The number of head of cattle to start, and how that will grow by year
• The logistics of feeding, rearing/veterinary issues, slaughter, etc.
• Your plans for packaging and selling the products
• A list of potential buyers in your market segmentation
• The main competitors to your cattle farm
• The competitive advantages your farm can have

The cattle farm business plan requires that you have a marketing plan as well as a personnel plan for staffing both the company (at the corporate level) and the farm (in the field). Using competitive comparables and industry-average figures is important. You will need at least a five-year pro forma financial model and a working set of assumptions that an investor can experiment with as needed. At MasterPlans, we have experience in many different types of cattle farming operation, including large-acreage ventures in diverse places like Tanzania, Africa. Call a consultant with MasterPlans today to learn about how our research, past experience, and commitment to excellence can help you: (877) 453-2011.

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