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MasterPlans is a 10-year-old business plan writing company located in Portland, Oregon. To contact us, call 1-877-453-2011 or email info@masterplans.com.
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MasterPlans: The business plan experts. Custom business plans by professional business plan writers. Business plan consulting by professional business plan consultants.

Business Plan Freight Brokerage

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Business plan freight brokerage

You won,t be able to broker anything unless you have a detailed business plan. In any sales business it will be important to have clear focus. Identifying your core customers and development a marketing plan will be a must. This could include cold calling, email marketing, direct mail, add placement etc. Your business plan will also include your revenue and expense model which will be the area a bank or investor will focus. It may be a good choice to have you brokers to be independent contractors which will help with keeping your costs under control.

Details to consider in the business plan:

How many brokers will be need?

Where will your office be located?

Are there any licensing requirements?

Will you need operating capital?

To make sure all the above and more get addressed call MasterPlans the countries leading provider of professional business plans. According to the Small Business Administration it will take over 400 hours to complete a business plan. MasterPlans will have your plan back in seven to ten business days, thus allowing you to stay focused on building your business. Once hired you will have team of experts headed by your account merger handling all the details and more. For free consultation please call MasterPlans at 877-453-2011.

Contact your personal expert.

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Or call us toll-free: 1-877-453-2011

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