Business Plan For Tv Station

A business plan for TV station needs to bring a couple different industry variables into clear focus in order to be submitted to a bank for a loan or presented to an angel investor. If you seek to buy an existing TV station, what type of programming can you access? What is the infrastructure like and what costs will you face getting it into the condition you need to broadcast from? A new station faces even steeper challenges, as you have to make a case for the success of an entirely new mixture or breed of programming. What is your audience and how can you be sure they'll buy in? The plan would need to show:

• The commonalities of your target market base
• Comparable programming now
• The likely revenues from advertising
• The way you will bring in sales
• Networking and marketing methods for the station

The most common business plan for TV station will have a five-year financial forecast, not a three-year version, though you should inquire with your potential backers about the projection term they prefer. The business plan needs to go into detail about the way you'll spend the seed capital you get and the timeline you expect between launch and break-even. There also needs to be a complete market and industry analysis as well as an implementation plan showing how you can ensure that the station makes money. The writers and research team at MasterPlans in Portland, Oregon can work on this business plan with you or take over entirely -- we have a strong track record across more than 11,000 plans so far. Call 877-453-2011 today!

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