Boxing Gym Business Plan

The boxing gym business plan will take shape different depending on whether you already have the gym itself locked down or you need to shop around for a good space to launch the fitness facility. If you have a gym already and are in business, you should use that to your advantage by talking about your success to date, providing photographs and testimonials, and taking your current revenues as a baseline from which to build out your financial pro forma. (A past performance table that compiles your P&L statements and balance sheets from recent years is also good to add.) However if your business is truly a start-up and you're hoping to establish a boxing gym in a new space, you should get into the following issues:

• What are the target locations and what are their respective rents?
• What is the population base like in and around that area?
• What are the competing boxing facilities, if any?
• What sort of indirect competition is there—i.e., gyms without a boxing specialty?
• What advantages will you have as a new entrant to this space?

A boxing gym business plan also needs to explain how you will take market share. In other words, assuming there is a need for the service and there are some providers already helping consumers learn to box (or refine their technique for the ring), how can you get them to consider your gym instead? What sort of promotional techniques will you employ? If you have a "name" in the industry or top-level help (include a personnel plan and bios) that can work to your advantage. Describe the service suite in full and give the reader a sense of how much money it could generate by using an assumptions table and showing at least a three-year pro forma model. MasterPlans, the Portland, Oregon-based business planning company writing business plans since 2002, can write the boxing gym business plan for you in as little as 1 week. Call us now! (877) 453-2011.

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