Billiard Hall Business Plan

A billiard hall business plan has a few core issues to grapple with. If you have the space identified, or if you're underway with the business already, then you'll know your lease costs and overhead-type expenses for the venue. But for a pure start-up, doing research about prospective sites and knowing what the going rental rates are will matter. You should also be able to illustrate the sort of market targets you'll be going after. Will the billiard hall be for adults only? Will you try to appeal to college kids? If it's open to everyone, will there be family-centered activities like an arcade or on-site eatery? A billiards hall business plan should identify:

• Your customer base and their commonalities, needs, etc.
• Your planned use of funds
• The timeline to reach break even
• The way you will market the business, starting with a grand opening promotion/event
• The number of tables that will be available

The business plan for a billiard hall should also talk about the service offering a bit and give the reviewer a sense of the theme, ambience, etc. Will there be long tables or compact only? Do you plan to offer snooker or any ancillary games like shuffleboard, skeeball, etc.? What will the revenue method be—is there a cost to get in, or simply to play? Will you assess an hourly fee to patrons, or allow them to play the games on a coin-op basis? Your business plan also needs details about the competing billiards halls in the city, particularly those nearest to you, along with data about the industry and some information on the biggest threats to your business model. Call a consultant at MasterPlans to talk about your project if you get stuck. We have written almost 12,000 business plans so far! (877) 453-2011.

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