Beauty Pageant Business Plan

The beauty pageant business plan can be submitting for bank financing via the Small Business Administration provided it has all of the essential elements in place to prove that it can be a money-maker. You have to describe the purpose of the pageant, the age range of your intended participants, the places it will occur, and the dates and timeline for each round. You should also look into market analysis topics like market segmentation, the industry of pageantry, and the competing pageants that you'll be "sharing the stage" with, either locally or nationally. The important part about the market analysis is proving, with current research and good writing, that there is a chance for your start-up pageant to take away enough market share from other pageants that you have a viable chance of turning a profit. The plan should prove:

• That you can reach break-even on schedule
• That there is sufficient interest in this type of pageant to keep it subscribed
• That people will turn out for your pageant
• That you can cash flow the loan you get
• That your management team has the experience base to make this work

The beauty pageant business plan should also explain what the incentives are for participants. Do you fund a scholarship, provide the winner with travel, or give them special opportunities later in life? What sort of sponsorships do you envision and how will you be getting these lined up? Give a case study or two of what a sponsor might be for you and how their financial commitment will work for your venture. Also spotlight your revenue streams and use an assumptions table to indicate how they'll grow year over year. Do women pay to compete, or is all of your income from sponsors? If you haven't puzzled through all this yet, the team at MasterPlans is here to help. You can retain us and have our trained writers—who have worked on pageant plans before—get the whole thing done for you in about a week. (877) 453-2011.

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