Trading Company Business Plan

A trading company business plan is a complicated proposal that a new online ETF or brokerage account business requires in order to receive approvals and funding to begin operations. Unlike some less complex business models, there are regulatory requirements inherent in a trading company plan—particularly if it operates in the United States—that need to be disclosed and addressed. Proper filings and careful pro forma projections are the name of the game with this business plan, and you should do careful research prior to writing your plan so that you don't run into any surprises. While there are many issues to address in this document, some of the most important questions to answer are these:

• What sort of financial trading will your company engage in?
• What sorts of consumers or institutions are most likely to be your clients?
• Can you show market segmentation data and describe the market need?
• What are the marketing elements at play for your firm?
• How much capital is required to launch the business?

The financial services industry has been through some upheaval over the past few years, so be sure that you collect recent, helpful industry statistics and present them in a compelling fashion for the reader. You should also include a competitive comparison that analyzes some of the chief competing businesses, whether they are national trading companies or boutique firms with local or regional clients. Don't forget a biographical section and to highlight any management team gaps. If you find yourself stuck working on the market analysis, the 5-year pro forma, or just aren't sure how to "make it all work," then reach out to the team of experts at We can help you quickly and affordably: (877) 453-2011.

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