Tomato Processing Business Plan

A tomato processing business plan should show that you have buyers lined up to help get your sales underway. Unless you are an existing business with an established customer base, proving that you will be able to achieve a baseline of sales right away is important to help investors build confidence in your business model. Will you sell to restaurants, food processing companies, mass market retailers, or all of the above? What is an average sale like, volume-wise? If you are in business already, provide a past performance snapshot in the business plan that shows your balance sheets and P&L statements for the past 3 years. Using this data, build out a pro forma showing:

• Your planned use of funds
• The likely break-even point
• The investor's ROI or a bank's repayment schedule
• Your net profit and net profit percentage through 3-5 years
• The first year of operations in a month by month schedule

The tomato processing business plan also needs basic information about the operation itself. How do you process the tomatoes, what equipment is required, and how many people are needed to man the facility? How long does it take to produce an entire shipment, what cleaning needs to be done, and when do inspections occur? Showing that you know how to comply with FDA regulations and other local testing issues is a good idea. The business plan should include a SWOT analysis and a quick peek at each major competitor you will face, direct and indirect. MasterPlans has the team of business plan writing experts on staff to make the perfect plan for you in as little as 5-7 days. Call a consultant now to learn more: (877) 453-2011.

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