Piggery Business Plan

A piggery business plan, for an existing operation, should describe how you breed the animals, the conditions in which they are kept, and what the practice is for slaughter and preparation. The business plan should identify the primary off-takers (buyers) and show the reach of your products, whether they are sold to wholesale intermediaries or sent to local retail establishments. The sow breeding systems at play in your business model are worth covering, at least in brief, and you should consider providing a top-level view of the facility to give the lay reader a better sense of how the company operates. Important topics to cover in a business plan like this one include:

• The meat industry regionally
• The projected value of pork products going forward
• Your staffing requirements for the piggery
• Funding required to expand (or to complete start-up)
• The competition you've identified

The competing piggeries might be those closest to you, or they could be larger operations with more market share that ship products to other destinations. Either way, the piggery business plan should address these companies as thoroughly as possible. Knowing how they are staffed, what their gross revenues are estimated to be, and what end-use consumers/buyers have to say about their products can help inform your business plan's marketing strategy and competitive edge sections. The business plan experts at MasterPlans have worked on this rare business model before, and you can count on us to get your piggery business plan done right. Call our experts today at (877) 453-2011.

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