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The audience you're presenting to is always something to consider seriously, but just because you need an FBLA business plan doesn't mean you should agonize over what content to include specific to the Future Business Leaders of America. Perhaps you're presenting to someone in that circle, or want to circulate your proposal at an FBLA meeting in your city. That is all fine and good, but the content of your business plan should be specific to your company and its vision and objectives—not some standard template format that you're heard the FBLA would like to see. So then, what SHOULD you include? The details will be unique to your business and its market, but you should not neglect any of the following questions central to a great business plan:

• What does your business deliver and why is it important?
• Who are your target buyers and what needs do they share?
• How well have other businesses in this industry performed recently?
• What and where are the major competitors?
• Can you define and justify your advantages?

The FBLA business plan will also need to show a financial model, of course, and that means breaking out your assumptions about market penetration, sales growth rate, expenses/overhead, depreciation, and more. You should identify assets you need to purchase and the amount of cash you need on hand at start-up, as well as your intended (ideal) funding sources and scenario. The loan repayment and/or equity scenario you envision should be broken out in detail, and you'll want to show no fewer than 3 years of projections with the first year separated into months. Need help here? MasterPlans has worked with FBLA delegates and presenters for years, creating more than 11,000 custom business plans for funding. The team here can help you today! (877) 453-2011.

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