Diagnostic Imaging Center Business Plan

The diagnostic imaging center business plan takes shape around the technology you have access to on-site and the sort of patients you will be seeing for the service. If your business is entirely referrals from area hospitals, then the most important part of the business plan is establishing that you have (or can build) strong relationships with these players in the industry so that you're sure to have stead income from services. It also helps simplify your marketing and implementation plan if you have a pipeline of prospective patients already in place by virtue of other operations or networking. Content-wise, the business plan will have to describe:

• All market needs your company answers
• What equipment you will have on site
• The sort of medical issues you can test for
• Your background in the medical/diagnostics industry
• The equipment your company plans to lease vs. buy

You will need a start-up summary, if you're launching a new operation, and that should show your asset costs broken out from the basic overhead that you will have to put money towards. You will also want to have a section describing the equipment in brief, the diagnostic testing process, and the rates and fees charged to consumers or their insurance intermediaries. The plan will also require a pro forma of at least three years, more likely five. It can be difficult to prepare. The team at MasterPlans can help get this business plan together in just a week or two. Our 11,000+ plans so far have been well received throughout the medical field and beyond. 877-453-2011

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