Business Plan For Substance Abuse Counseling

The business plan for substance abuse counseling first needs to establish whether it will be describing a for-profit venture, or a non-profit venture. It seems simple, but the fundamental aspect you need to pin down before writing or modeling anything is whether your business will turn a profit on what it charges patients, or seek break-even funding only. And yes, both are viable models. The core questions that play into this are: what sort of funding are you planning to seek; and will you require patrons/patients to pay for their care? Once you know for sure, you can get into issues like the following:

• Who are the target patients?
• How fertile a market is the city you'll market to?
• What methods will you use to get your facility noticed?
• Will the counseling center be in-patient?
• What sort of medical professionals will be on staff?

If you only offer counseling and do not plan to have any medical services or boarding rooms for patients, it will simplify your model somewhat but you should still have details on the service suite in its entirety. Also, profile your chief management team members/counselors and any other "key" staff members in the plan by writing up a biographical piece on each one. If they are compensated on salary, include each position in the personnel plan as well. The business plan for a substance abuse counseling center requires current research and a careful financial model, and you can get both elements at Call our experienced crew of writers and editors today to learn how easy it can be to get your plan together: (877) 453-2011.

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